License suspended for Harford Co. preschool with 'tumble-time play'

    License suspended for Harford Co. preschool with 'tumble-time play'

    FOREST HILL, Md. (WBFF) - A Harford County preschool has had its license suspended after controversy over allowing wrestling-style activities, or "tumble-time play."

    Forest Hill Nature Preschool, which offers an outdoors-based curriculum, is appealing the decision.

    "I can confirm that our license has been suspended and we are following the proper channels to appeal what appears to be a hasty decision that closed our school and displaced 170 families and 30 teachers just before the Christmas holiday," said owner and director Lavonne Taylor in a statement.

    The school, at Advent Lutheran Church off of Rock Spring Road, has more than 172 children and more than 30 employees.

    In a lengthy statement on the school's website, Taylor explained that the school tried "to create an instructive, research-based 'big body play,' or 'tumble-time play' program" but it "resulted in many misconceptions," with rumors "focused on the notion of a 'preschool fight club.'"

    Taylor said the "tumble-time play" program will not be going forward and a group called Forest Hill Parents Group have launched a letter-writing campaign and a Go Fund Me page.

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