Light City attendees mistake fireworks for gunshots

light city.PNG

BALTIMORE -- WBFF -- People attending Light City on opening night thought that they heard gunshots at the Inner Harbor on Saturday, but it turned out to be fireworks in the crowd that sent hundreds running for their lives.

The annual kickoff attracted thousands downtown on a picture perfect night at the Inner Harbor. An attendee said that she was pushed, shoved and everyone was saying "gunshots, gunshots." Around 10 p.m., fireworks were set off in the crowd sending people running.

Attendees said that 200 people probably started running. Others said that they heard an explosion in the background, which turned out to be a firework. Attendees noted that they knew it wasn't gunshots, but the crowd's reaction made for some tense moments.

Light City organizers don't have an official estimate of crowd size, but crowds were at a standstill in certain spots like the Amphitheater where the fireworks were set off. On July 4, 2017, there were similar instances of fireworks set off in the crowd.

The fire department says that no one had any major injuries from the fireworks on subsequent crowd fleeing the area. Police put the rumors to bed early and won't say whether anyone was arrested or cited in relation.

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