Local attorney weighs in on Towson University investigation

TOWSON, Md. (WBFF)-- An investigation is underway on the campus of Towson University.

The investigation was launched after a phone, appearing to have been recording members of the swimming and diving team, was discovered in the women's locker room inside Burdick Hall. It was discovered Friday. The name of the person who owns the phone has not been released.

One parent told FOX45 her daughter saw the iPhone on a ledge, propped up by a hat. She said, on the phone, there were images of her daughter and at least seven other girls changing their clothes.

If it's proven that the recordings were intentional, a local attorney said it's what's called the Visual Surveillance with Prurient Intent, which is a misdemeanor that carries up to a one year sentence. There is also potential for a civil lawsuit.

"The individual who is the victim of this act, if again it is an act of intent, can sue the perpetrator or potentially file a cause of action against Towson University if it can be proven that Towson State knew or should have known that the perpetrator was doing this," said Michael Belsky, Attorney.

Belsky told FOX45 modern day peeping "Tom" violations typically come with multiple charges.

"Often when this is charged, it's not an isolated incident, in other words it's not a onetime thing," said Belsky. "So often what you see is in these cases is somebody being charged with multiple offenses, meaning that it's not just one year incarceration they could face but it's many multiple of that depending on how many incidents can be proven."

The investigation is ongoing.

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