Local church prays for end to partial government shutdown

    Local church prays for end to partial government shutdown

    A local church is calling for prayer and action during the partial government shutdown.

    Members of Liberty Road Seventh Adventist Church in Baltimore County gathered for a special service Saturday.

    Some members of the congregation signed a written promise to contact President Trump and ask him to help end the government shutdown, as well as pray Congress may come to an agreement.

    “Just think about the families that are being impacted by this shutdown,” said Rocky Twyman, an organizer. “We all know that most people are living from paycheck to paycheck.”

    Linda Burris attends the church and is one of 800,000 federal workers currently not receiving a pay check.

    “It’s been touch and go,” explained Burris, who lives in Baltimore County. “I’m responsible for my household, but I also have some seniors in my family who I’m responsible for. If I don’t have a job then they’re not able to get their medication or other things they need.”

    Burris told Fox45 she’s already missed one paycheck and will likely have to go without another.

    “Pretty soon the impact will filter out to everyone else,” said Burris. “Even if you’re not a federal worker, it’s going to hurt everybody.”

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