Local woman celebrates 100th birthday

100th bday.JPG

Christmas lights and decorations always make Esther Dietz smile, because she knows a few extra lights accompany the Holiday. Esther Dietz is celebrating her 100th birthday on Christmas Day.

"100 years ago it was pouring down snow," Dietz says.

Her son Walter Dietz says his mother would often share the story, "She says, 'they told my my father had to ride up to the doctors on his horse and bring the doctor back to deliver me.'"

Surrounded by friends and family, Ms. Dietz blew out her birthday candles and continues to live life the way she always has, "Just be happy everyone should be happy," she says.

Her best friend Eleanor says, "I never heard her complain about anything just give thanks that she was so fortunate."

Her daughter Mary says, "No matter what's going on in life she always looks for the good in it, I can complain and she'll make it positive and pick out the good points. She just has a wonderful outlook."

On this 100th Christmas her light will continue to shine, Walter says, "She always said she was going to make it to 100, now she's moved it up to 110!"

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