Loyola Blakefield alumni call for change after racially charged incidents


A group of Loyola Blakefield alumni is calling for change after racially charged incidents that occurred on campus.

Parents, students and faculty filtered on to campus Tuesday evening to discuss what happened and what’s being done about it. It was the second of two meetings to address the incidents.

Last week Loyola Blakefield decided to cancel classes for a day after someone wrote a threatening message on a bathroom stall.

The message read, “No (n-word) better come Thursday".

According to officials it was the same stall that was vandalized days prior.

“We were disappointed to hear what happened but we are inspired to do more to put this behind us,” said Wesley Wood, a Loyola Blakefield alumnus.

Wesley Wood and other members of the Loyola Blakefield Black Alumni Association put together a list of actions they would like to see implemented by the school following these incidents.

Former Baltimore city councilman Carl Stokes is also part of this unofficial group.

“Implementing changes that show that the school is not just diverse for the sake of diversity,” said Carl Stokes, a Loyola Blakefield alumnus.

The request includes;

  • - A higher percentage of black faculty and staff members
  • - Curriculum that includes African-American history and culture.
  • - A seat at the table in the admissions and financial aid processes
  • - The school to recognize the Loyola Blakefield Black Alumni Association
  • - A zero tolerance against racism policy
  • - Workshops on racism and diversity
  • - Community service projects in the city

“Put us in a position to be more helpful,” said Woods. So, hopefully our presence will help deter such actions.”

Following Tuesday’s meeting Loyola Blakefield declined to comment when asked about the proposed actions.

A spokesperson released a statement that read in part,

“The purpose of the meetings is to provide an update from the school in response to the recent events, but most importantly, to provide a prayerful and reflective outlet for our community to stand united,” wrote PIO Rob Robinson.

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