Man indicted on sex trafficking charges

Steven B. Boyd JR., aka "Gotti, 36, of Baltimore, Md. is charged with seven counts related to sexual exploitation of a minor, sex trafficking and other charges related to his alleged prostitution operation ring.

Boyd's operation of a commercial prostituting ring started around July of 2013.

Boyd is accused of sexually exploiting adult women and two known minors for commercial sexual acts for his own financial gain. Court documents indicate that Boyd was able to persuade some women to travel across state lines for work. He recruited women from various places such as online, hotels and other public places.

According to the indictment Boyd provided narcotics, including marijuana and "mollys," while women and girls worked neighborhood streets where prostitution is known to occur. Boyd went as far as placing online advertisements to solicit sex.

It is alleged that Boyd may have recorded a minor engaging in a sexual act.

Today Boyd will be seated before the U.S. Magistrate at the U.S. District Court in Baltimore and is being held on state charges.

If found guilty, Boyd will face a minimum of 10 years to life for each count of trafficking a minor for sex, 15-30 years for sexual exploitation of a minor, up to 20 years for each count of interstate travel to engage in prostitution and up to 10 years for each count of providing transportation to engage in prostitution.

The indictment is not admittance to guilt; Boyd is innocent until proven guilty.

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