Man stranded 4 days in a Baltimore Park after falling from a cliff


    A man stranded for four days in a Baltimore park, after falling from a cliff in a heavily wooded area, is recovering in the hospital with a head injury.

    Help finally arrived for the man Thursday afternoon.

    Jason Counsman, who lives on Winans Way near Briarclift Road, had just arrived home from work when he saw the commotion across the street from his home.

    “It looked like they had just loaded him into the ambulance by the time I pulled up,” said Counsman.

    Baltimore City Fire crews rescued a hiker in Leakin Park, after they say the man fail 10 to 20 feet off a cliff into the ravine.

    The man told fire crews he’d been lying in the park, hurt for four days, trapped in the woods with a head injury.

    “Someone apparently located him and called the police,” said Blair Skinner spokeswoman for the Baltimore City Fire Department.

    Fire crews got the call at about 1 o’clock Thursday afternoon. You could see the general view of the heavily wooded area from Fox45!s Sky Fox Drone.

    “I see a lot of people through the park when I run. So, to me that he was there for four days seems kind of astonishing. I figure somebody would’ve found him earlier. So, that part to me was weird,“ said Counsman.

    Crews say they found the man alone. There was no one with him who could perhaps, explain exactly what happened. So for now, it’s simply a survivor’s story.

    “I’m happy that he made it. Four days, that’s a long time for a person to be stuck out there with a head injury by themselves,“ said Counsman.

    Police are investigating. They have not released the man’s name.

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