Mayor to bring anti-violence plan to Baltimore

Mayor to bring anti-violence plan to Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Baltimore's Mayor announced a plan to bring an anti-violence program to Baltimore.

Members of Baltimore's business community along with the Police Commissioner, State's Attorney and City Council members made the announcement at City Hall Wednesday.

The nationally recognized group Roca, focuses on reducing violence by helping very high-risk young adults stay alive, avoid prison, and go to work.

Mayor Pugh says it is a $17 Million, four-year commitment.

Pugh said in a statement later Wednesday that the public-private partnership "is not just a program that focuses in on individuals between the ages of 17-24, it is an intense focus that helps young people move beyond violence and into the types of job training, and personal development that leads them to become more productive members of our community.”

Roca will begin operations in Baltimore during Summer 2018. An intensive planning process already is underway, according to the news release.

For more information on Roca go to

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