Mayor's office calls Baltimore a "welcoming" city, but not a "sanctuary" one

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Baltimore’s mayor is making it clear, the city is not a sanctuary city.

“We are a welcoming city,” said Spokesman Anthony McCarthy.

Baltimore has long been considered by immigration research groups as one of nearly 300 sanctuary cities in the country.

While city employees are not allowed to question a person’s immigration status, they are expected to cooperate with federal authorities.

“We don’t walk around and ask people where they’re from; we don’t do that," said Mayor Catherine Pugh.

However, an executive order remains in force requiring city employees to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement officials.

Attorney Adam Ruther says it’s going to be difficult to determine which communities are cooperating and which are not.

“Absent any affirmative stated policies that we will or will not help enforce immigration law, it’s probably difficult to determine what’s a sanctuary and what isn’t,” said Ruther.

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