MD mobile science lab headed to TX to bring science education to those affected by Harvey


A Maryland-based mobile science lab is headed to Texas Wednesday to bring science education to kids affected by Hurricane Harvey.

For about 16 years, the non-profit has brought portable science and tech labs to Maryland schools.

Tuesday morning, FOX45 visited the crew on their stop at Green Street Academy in West Baltimore.

“We’re really focused on serving underserved communities we want to be able to introduce those students to lucrative careers in stem,” said Brian Gaines, CEO of the foundation.

With two functional labs at work now, the non-profit is taking on a new mission, helping students outside of Maryland.

“We’re headed to southeast Texas- first to a town called Port Aransis which is right on the gulf,” said Gaines. “Their middle and high school were completely destroyed. All of their labs- most of their facilities have been damaged.”

A crew of three will depart Wednesday.

“One of the things that the educators in the Houston and Gulf want us to do is focus on how do we help students understand the situation they’re in and how can they better learn by what the environment is like,” he added.

The crew plans to stay in Texas two weeks, but they hope to stay longer if they can make the funds. You can donate here:

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