Measles Diagnosed in Maryland

    Measles Diagnosed in Maryland

    BALTIMORE - Health officials in Maryland are investigating a case of the measles.

    Maryland, among 21 other states is currently being impacted by a nationwide outbreak of measles according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

    According to the CDC, at least 107 cases of the disease have been identified in 2018. All contractions have been linked to travel. Currently, the department of health is not investigating any new cases at this time.

    The case of measles linked in Maryland was diagnosed on May 23. The patient contracted the illness outside of the U.S., according to the Montgomery County Department of Health & Human Services. Listed below are the dates, times and locations of the potential exposures associated with the individual diagnosed with measles:

    • Tuesday, May 15 – Washington Dulles International Airport at 1 Saarinen Circle, Dulles, VA, International Arrivals and baggage claim area from 3:30 to 7:30 p.m.
    • Thursday, May 17 – Nordstrom Rack, 15760 Shady Grove Road, Gaithersburg, MD, from 3 to 6 p.m.
    • Friday, May 18 – Circuit Court of Maryland, 50 Maryland Avenue, Hearing Room 2K, Second Floor, South Tower, Rockville, MD, from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

    Between January 1st - July 14th, officials said over 107 patients from 21 states, including:

    • Arkansas
    • California
    • Connecticut
    • Florida
    • Illinois
    • Indiana
    • Kansas
    • Louisiana
    • Maryland
    • Michigan
    • Missouri
    • Nevada
    • New Jersey
    • New York
    • North Carolina
    • Oklahoma
    • Oregon
    • Pennsylvania
    • Tennessee
    • Texas
    • Washington
    • District of Columbia

    Health officials advise, those who believe they may have been exposed to measles should contact their doctor or local health department before going to a healthcare facility. Officials also urge that those who believe they have the disease should limit exposure to others.

    The recently diagnosed patient is currently undergoing treatment.

    Those with questions can call the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services’ Disease Control Office at 240-777-1755. Calls after hours or on the weekend can be directed to the County’s Crisis Center at 240-777-4000.

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