MEET THE ARTIST: 'Wings of Freedom' at Light City

"Wings of Freedom" installation by Artist Gloria Ronchi & Architect Claudio Benghi at the BGE Light City Art Walk April 13, 2018 in downtown Baltimore. (Photo: Stephanie Douglas)

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Behind the bright megawatt light installations in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor are the artist who created them. Handcrafted, illuminated displays along Pratt Street extending nearly a mile to Harbor East for the third annual Light City Festival.

Artists like Gloria Ronchi and Architect Claudio Benghi who brought their talents from the UK, showcased their installation Wings of Freedom along the Light City Art Walk with 180 origami butterflies that symbolize transformational powers and aim to influence a positive change for the city as a whole. “For each culture, butterflies are a symbol of transformation, a metamorphosis.” said Benghi.

The two began designing in 2008 and have since found inspiration in capturing nature and connecting people to it through light. “Our general expression is to use light and digital media. We combined light and digital media for creating a new form of aesthetic interaction,” said Ronchi.

Gloria and Claudio’s innovative design of transformative art allows you the chance to create a change on a public platform with hopes to inspire positive change. Festival-goers are able to witness colorful technology and extraordinary scenery through light which highlight the city’s social, cultural, and personal progress.

Each year since the inaugural Light City Festival, the Baltimore Office of Promotion and The Arts has called on aspiring artists to submit their ideas for consideration. Ronchi encourages artists to be free thinking in their work. “Follow their passion and their inner beauty to use it to create the best they can,” Ronchi said.

Light City opens to the public Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 7pm. To check out Gloria and Claudio installation Wings of Freedom along the BGE Light Art Walk Saturday April 14th through April 21st.

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