More Light, More Love: Light City Illuminates in Baltimore

The Octopus installation at the third annual Light City Festival by Tim Scofield (Photo: Khalia Patterson)

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Today kicked off the third annual Light City Festival, celebrating “More Love, More Lights” and free to the public. The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts took Light City to new heights, expanding its reach beyond downtown.

“One of our goals for this year was to expand Light City in more areas beyond the Inner Harbor”, said Megan Bosse, Communications Associate for the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts.

In addition to new installations, they’ve rolled out Neighborhood Lights as an extension of the festival.

Neighborhood Lights collaborated 14 neighborhoods throughout Baltimore with artist to showcase local businesses, organizations, performers and artists through visual or performance pieces.

There are 21 installations stationed at the Inner Harbor, ranging from a life size kaleidoscope to a 20-foot long glowing octopus.

The artists selected to participate in the Light City Festival are hand selected with much consideration.

“It’s a great thing from Baltimore, to have this opportunity to create pieces that can then branch off and live on its own,”said Tim Scofield, Baltimore Light City artist.

Tim Scofield is a Baltimore native who was a part of the team that created the digital mechanical sculpture, “Octopus” on this pier. The “Octopus” combines the mechanics and lights aspect of the animal. Scofield says the octopus is an “art sculpture of the sea.”

This is Tim’s second time creating artwork for Light City. Last year, his team created Charlie the Peacock, which will be used as a pop up show all over Baltimore during the festival.

Along with the many innovative light installations, Light City will have live musical performances. Performances are held throughout the week at the “Light Up the Night” and “Club Light City” stages at the Inner Harbor.

Curtis MrPresidential Eaddy is another Baltimore native that will be featured during the festival.

MrPresidential is a rapper who creates “ Conscious Hip-Hip”, who lives by the concept “More Lights, More Love” which falls in line with the theme of this year’s Light City Festival.

“I look at myself as an example of what Baltimore has to develop. Trying to show people no matter where you come from there’s opportunity everywhere,” said MrPresidential.

The Light City Festival will run from April 14-21 at the Baltimore Inner Harbor with live performances everyday starting at 7pm. Light installations will illuminate downtown Baltimore from 8-11pm each night.

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