Mosby: Allegations her office turned a blind eye to concerns on officers 'simply not true'

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- Defense attorneys across Baltimore are saying the City State’s Attorney’s Office knew the seven Baltimore Police Officers just indicted on federal charges had credibility issues.

The allegation is Marilyn Mosby’s office turned a blind eye.

Video of a 2014 arrest involving Sergeant Wayne Jenkins has been used in other cases to support their suspicions. In the 2014 case, Jenkins found suspected cocaine inside the driver’s van, but video recorded by a blue light crime camera doesn’t show that.

“These complaints have gone ignored and un-investigated by the Office of the State’s Attorney.," Defense attorney Jeremy Eldridge said.

Crime & Justice Reporter Joy Lepola asked Mosby if her office turned a blind eye to concerns about the officers.

Mosby said, “That is simply not true.”

When asked if one of the attorneys in her office may have known about the accusations, Mosby replied, “Absolutely not.”

Baltimore’s Deputy District Public Defender Natalie Finegar says, “Going back through and finding who was wronged and trying to right that wrong is very difficult. The best bet is to not get to this point in the first place.”

Six of the seven indicted officers appeared in court on Thursday and five pleaded not guilty. The sixth did not enter a plea.

All six were denied pre-trial release. The seventh indicted officer will appear in court on Friday.

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