A 'beautiful person': MTA honors one of their own, bus driver Ebonee Baker

Ebonee Baker (Courtesy of Northwood Football & Cheerleading League)

BALTIMORE (WBFF) – Tuesday’s fatal bus crash was a tragedy, but it is one that is bringing together communities in mourning, including the Maryland Transit Administration. The agency lost one of their own, Ebonee Baker, a full-time bus driver who was at the wheel when a school bus slammed into the Number 10 MTA bus on Frederick Ave.

The crash claimed six lives, and the MTA took time to pay honor to the memory of one of those victims, Ebonee, who had been a bus driver and alternate secretary with the agency since 2005.

Here’s what the MTA had to say about Ebonee, who they describe as a simply “beautiful person.”

“To hear her co-workers and supervisors tell it, Ebonee Baker wore many hats – and she wore them well.

A Maryland Transit Administration full-time bus operator and alternate secretary since 2005.

A devoted, church-going mother of four.

Proud purple-wearing Ravens fan on fall Sundays.

Ebonee was among the six souls lost and ten people injured in a tragic bus crash on Frederick Avenue the first day of November.

The accident is under investigation. But Baltimore City police representatives have said it appears the Number 10 bus Ebonee was driving that Tuesday morning was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when a yellow school bus hit them broadside.

This tragedy has rocked the offices of the MTA and has left a noticeable heartache at MTA headquarters. But nowhere is the pain as deep as it is at the MTA Eastern Bus Division on Oldham Street where Ebonee worked. They knew her personally – their pain is real.

“She was a genuine overall beautiful person that was 100% dedicated to her family and close friends,” one supervisor recalled the day after the crash. “In addition to working, she was totally committed to all activities that her children were engaged in as well as planned and coordinated events at the division for all occasions.”

But the Eastern Division isn’t alone in its grief. Even MTA employees who didn’t know Ebonee are anguished today because at an agency where safety is job number 1 (and 2 and 3) the notion that we could lose a co-worker and five patrons doing nothing more than trying to get to work or get home from work is numbing.

It could have been any of us on that Number 10 bus - or any of our friends or family members.

I mean, who in their life, hasn’t ridden on a bus?

Today, the MTA honors Ebonee and all its employees. The MTA also honors its four passengers who perished and all its customers who ride on its transit vehicles.

Better, less painful, days lie ahead.”

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