Murder case dropped in murder of city teen

Murder case dropped in murder of city teen

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- Murder charges were dropped Monday against Kenneth Maddox in the homicide of a teenager last August, according to attorneys.

Maddox was released from Jessup Correctional Institution Tuesday morning.

"They said I was facing Life plus 80 years with all the other charges accumulated, so that was scary" Maddox said. "I'm not ashamed to say, I've been incarcerated before, but that was long ago, so I figured that part of my life was over and done with."

Maddox was charged with the murder of Jeffrey Quick, a 15-year-old killed August 22, 2017 on Fremont Avenue in Harlem Park.

"It's so many reasons that this case shouldn't have happened. Absolutely no forensic evidence," Maddox's attorney William R. Buie, III, said. "You can't base a case off of weak evidence. It's like building a house on a weak foundation."

Buie said prosecutors called him Friday to tell him they would be dropping the case based on a witness changing her story.

"The police went out of their way to make Lil' Jeffrey's family believe that I did do it. So, I'm kind of saddened because they still don't know the truth," Maddox said. "They have yet to clarify that I didn't do it. They're making it seem like I got away with something. I didn't do anything."

When reached for comment about where detectives are now with Quick's murder case, Baltimore City Police referred Fox45 to the Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office.

A spokesperson with the State's Attorney's Office has yet to return our inquiry.

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