MURDER VICTIM'S FAMILY SPEAKS| 'Laura's not lost, she's with her savior'

    MURDER VICTIM'S FAMILY SPEAKS| 'Laura's not lost, she's with her savior'

    BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- The family of Laura Wallen spoke out after the man accused of killing the Howard County teacher was found dead in his jail cell, criticizing him as someone who "lied about everything" and "has never shown up for anything for the last 10 years."

    Tyler Tessier was set to appear in court Thursday as trial was scheduled to begin in the murder of Wallen who was pregnant with Tessier's child.

    John McCarthy the Montgomery County State's Attorney said Tessier left notes suggesting this was suicide.

    Tessier was in a single cell when he was discovered hanging from his bunk bed around 4:55am Thursday.


    McCarthy says they found a series of notes that indicate Tyler Tessier was contemplating suicide for several weeks.

    None of those notes admit guilt.

    Prosecutors detailed a lengthy but private relationship that Tessier carried on with Wallen for ten years.

    After changing his story several time, detectives followed a tracker they put on Tessier's car that led them to the back corner of a massive field.

    When they arrived they found a patch of purple buried. Prosecutors say this is the first photo detectives took of Laura's body.

    Prosecutors laid out text messages exchanged from Wallen's phone, to her sister.

    McCarthy said "Jennifer knew that was not from her sister" after this uncharacteristic text exchange between Laura Wallen's phone and her sister.

    In an emotional message, Laura's mother said her daughter was not lost, she was with her savior...and one day she would see her again.

    She also called Tessier "A diabolical human."

    The State's Attorney said that Tessier lied about many things for several years, including his involvement with another woman, to whom he was engaged.

    Prosecutors said they felt robbed of the opportunity to prosecute Tessier and laid out much of the case against him in a presentation.

    The State's Attorney said Tessier admitted to shooting Wallen in the back of the head, they did not plan to present that piece of evidence at trial.

    Wallen's mother said she was anxious about Tessier's upcoming trial. "We're taught in our faith that God only gives you what you can handle. I kept thinking, 'It's getting to be too much, It's getting to be to much.' Today, I feel grateful that God is merciful and has given us the ability to move on and talk about Laura and the wonderful things she has done in the world."

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