New rules set for review of Baltimore police misconduct files

New rules set for review of Baltimore police misconduct files

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Baltimore police officers will be required to disclose to prosecutors any allegations of "past or present misconduct," according to a new agreement.

The memorandum, released Friday between the city's State's Attorney's Office and city Solicitor's Office, is part of an ongoing effort to make the police department more transparent.

Another major change will create a liaison position to ensure any State's Attorney's Office requests for misconduct files get sent within 48 hours.

"Effective immediately, the new process now requires Baltimore City police officers to disclose—with or without a specific request by the Assistant State’s Attorney (ASA) handling a case in which the officer is an integral witness—if an IA file exists that charges him or her with any past or present misconduct," wrote the city State's Attorney's Office in a news release. "Officers will have to relay this information to the ASA at the earliest opportunity, whether or not the misconduct issues have been resolved."

“Our hope is that this new process, not only streamlines the process for disclosing IA files, but also lends itself to more transparency within our local criminal justice system and processes,” said Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby in a news release. “These changes should relieve some of the burden on the court to resolve IA file disputes between my agency and the defense bar, as well as make these files accessible more quickly.”

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