NEW TRIAL IN PIMLICO MURDER | "My husband is not responsible for this death"

NEW TRIAL IN PIMLICO MURDER | "My husband is not responsible for this death"

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - The man convicted of killing a Pimlico Race Course security guard is getting a new trial. Those developments in the case also include the accused killer’s wife pressing prosecutors to let her husband go and find the real killer.

Kelly Davis said Dec. 4 is a day of vindication for her family. She was inside the courtroom when a judge overturned her husband’s second-degree murder conviction and ordered a new trial.

“My husband is not responsible for the death of this man,” said Davis.

Davis believes her husband, Keith Davis Jr., is innocent, the victim of an unjust and wrongful pursuit by City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby and her prosecutors.

"This administration aided, and colluded with, the police," said Kelly, who stood outside Mosby’s office building moments after the judge’s decision.

A judge overturned Davis’ conviction after a prison witness’ testimony was called into question.

"Prison staff, as well as housing records, prove that this man came to court and lied," she added.

In October, Davis was convicted of shooting and killing 22-year-old Kevin Jones. Just hours after the June 2015 shooting, police shot Davis and found a gun that they say later matched the one used to kill Jones.

But Davis and his wife have maintained his innocence. Among other things, proof of an alibi witness was presented in court. They say he’s the victim of mistaken identity.

"Police officers testified in two cases where they chased a gentleman who did not fit the description of my husband. Yet my husband was repeatedly added to photo arrays, repeatedly charged, repeatedly thrown into court,” said Davis.

This will be the third time Keith Davis Jr., has been put on trial for this killing. The first time, it ended with a mistrial. And now, his conviction in the second trial was overturned.

His third trial is set for this coming April.

Davis' attorney, Latoya Francis-Williams said, “We are pleased with the court’s decision to grant our motion for a new trial yesterday, setting aside the verdict in this case. We gave Judge Mays a mountain of evidence to work with. If you recall in October the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City sent a tweet to the world, ‘victory’ she said. Well, we just snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Our message to the world is that this is what Justice looks like and we will not stop fighting until Mr. Davis’ name is cleared. The State will rue the day she decided to use Mr. Davis’ case as a political football. Our City demands better.”

Mosby’s office released a statement through spokesperson Melba Saunders Monday afternoon. It reads: “We respect the judge’s decision and look forward to presenting the facts of this case again in the pursuit of justice for the family of Mr. Jones.”

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