Shocking new video of gunman caught on camera at East Baltimore store

New video of gunman caught on camera at East Baltimore store

BALTIMORE, Md. (WBFF) -- There's new video of a gunman caught on camera as he shoots a man point-blank outside a convenience store in East Baltimore. The video surfaces on the same night that the store manager has said he wants more police patrols.

The deadly shooting was caught on camera outside of Royal Star Grocery, a popular neighborhood store at the corner of North Avenue and Asquith Street.

The store manager believes the store with the blue bright blue sign has become an unwitting bright beacon for crime.

"Night time, at about five to 7 o'clock, that is a tough time. And we don't want selling drugs in my store or on my property," said the store manager.

The manager, who does not want to be identified, said fights break out in the parking lot and teenagers regularly sell drugs outside the store. It's an ongoing problem that store cameras catch on video. The manager wants more police patrols.

He said he calls police. "Sometimes they come, sometimes they don't. Last week we called three times, 911, three times! Nobody responded, nobody came here," said the manager.

But last Thursday police did arrive, officers responded to a double shooting on the parking lot that left one man dead and another injured. The gunman was caught on camera.

We are sad, everybody scared, everybody sad this happened. The people are scared right now, the whole community is scared. They don't want to come in the store, we lose business when this happened," said the manager.

Police did not comment Wednesday about the manager's concerns.

A spokesman said they want to review the number of calls to the store before they comment.

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