OFFICER KILLED | Terror in a Perry Hall neighborhood

OFFICER KILLED | Terror in a Perry Hall neighborhood

PERRY HALL, Md. (WBFF) - As Baltimore County police converged on the neighborhood in Perry Hall where a police officer was hurt, they blocked off roads in an attempt to catch the suspects responsible.

Donald Muir watched it unfold outside his own front door. The retired Baltimore City Police Sgt. was familiar with police tactics and tells FOX45 News he knew it was a serious situation that was unfolding.

He explained: “The officers are very quick, setting up a perimeter."

Muir said many of his neighbors are senior citizens, so, as they went inside, he set himself outside to keep watch - "just on standby, keeping a vigil around the neighborhood."

He showed the weapon he had tucked into his waist, explaining: "Being in law enforcement for 38 years, I’m armed."

"I keep an eye out for my neighborhood. There’s a lot of wooded areas behind it it houses here."

As the minutes dissolved into hours, parents eager to pick up their children from school got more nervous.

Several schools were on lockdown. Many residents couldn’t get home due to the police barricades. It was frustrating for many as they circled the area trying to figure out a way to get inside the perimeter.

However, there was also sympathy. One neighbor came out to give one Baltimore County Police Officer water and say how sorry she was about the loss of his colleague.

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