The war on Maryland's opioid epidemic gets new funding

The war on the opioid epidemic gets new funding in Maryland

BALTIMORE, Md. (WBFF) -- The state of Maryland is pouring millions of dollars into the fight against heroin and opioid abuse.

The Governor’s office announced on Friday that it’ll provide more than $22 million dollars into the effort.

The funds will be spread among the state’s 24 local jurisdictions.

Two-million dollars will be used to operate a crisis and stabilization center in Baltimore.

“The stabilization center is meant for individuals to stay for sobering,” said Baltimore Health Commissioner Dr. Lena Wen.

The city plans to transform a vacant East Baltimore building into a 30-bed center where users can stay 24-hours.

Drug expert and former heroin addict Mike Gimbel believes the funds could better be spent on long-term treatment facilities. “We already have stabilization centers,” said Gimbel, “they’re called emergency rooms.”

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