Park Heights pastor carjacked on the way to Christmas Eve service

Park Heights pastor carjacked on the way to Christmas Eve service

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - A pastor of a northwest Baltimore ministry was carjacked by four armed suspects on his way to a Christmas Eve service, but he said he's not angry with his assailants.

The Rev. Earl Blue, of Jehovah Jireh Holistic Ministry, recalled how he was getting to church to set up a continental breakfast before services, as he typically does.

That's when he was approached by the young suspects, who displayed a gun and demanded money.

At first he felt anger, but "immediatelly after that, God just changed my spirit from anger to compassion, because they were young people," said Blue, explaining how that spirit affected his actions.

"I gave them the wrong keys; I said, 'Oh no, you got the wrong key.' I gave them the right key," he said about his car keys.

He noted they almost hit him with his own car before leaving, but they also threw his ID cards on the ground and one of them "gently" gave him back his phone.

"I guess the collar did something, because I had a collar on; they knew that i was clergy," said Blue.

Blue was impressed that they only took his property.

"The thing that amazes me is that they didn't do anything violent," he said.

The suspects are now at the top of his prayer list, he said.

"They looked like me. I mean, they could have been my sons, my nephews or someone in my family," he said. "I just have compassion for the youth, that somewhere, somehow, God will change the state of affairs in Baltimore, Maryland - not just here, but all over the world."

But, he added, "at least this incident didn't end up in the statistics of Baltimore City."

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