PET DISPUTE | Man struggles to get his dog back from BARCS animal shelter

    PET DISPUTE | Man struggles to get his dog back from BARCS animal shelter <p>{/p}

    (WBFF) -- Baltimore man is fighting to get his dog back after refusing to get his pet spayed.

    Lawrence Miller still finds it hard to believe that his dog is gone. “They said she was wrapped around here,“ said Miller, who showed where the animal was tied up.

    The animal is a seven-month-old Akita with a springtime name: “Blossom,” said Miller smiling.

    Baltimore City Animal Control Officers picked up Blossom Monday. The dog is at the BARCS animal shelter where Miller said officers told him he could get Blossom back, but only if he pays $160 in fees and have her spayed.

    “That’s crazy. So, if you didn’t help me pay for that dog, why do you have the right to tell me whether my dog can have puppies or not? That don’t make sense,“ said Miller.

    Investigators say officers responded to the home on Tolley Street near Parksley Avenue when a neighbor complained that Blossom was being neglected, unfed with no water.

    But officials say the dog is healthy and there’s no sign of neglect.

    Officers say they took the dog, when no one answered the door, because it was at risk of being strangled. They say the animal had wrapped its leash around a pole.

    Now the fight to get Blossom back.

    “They chose to take her and keep her,“ said Miller.

    Animal control officials declined an on camera interview, but Mona Rock, a spokesperson for the agency emailed a statement.

    It said there’s a pet overpopulation problem in the city. That’s why they have a policy that reads in part: “An impounded animal must be spayed or neutered with no exceptions unless medically necessary."

    Meanwhile, the clock is ticking at BARCS. According to Miller, his dog could be put up for adoption soon if things are not resolved.

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