Woman confronts PGCPS employee who allegedly called husband N-word at La Plata Walmart

    (Courtesy of Dawn Nichelle Lennon/Facebook)

    When Dawn Lennon pulled out her cell phone, on Monday afternoon at a La Plata Walmart, she thought she was just filming a rude stranger.

    Now 24 hours later with the help of social media, she’s finding out that the viral video features a Potomac Landing Elementary School employee.

    Lennon says the employee insulted her husband because she was upset over a parking spot.

    “Did you just call my husband the N-word?” asked Lennon in the video shared more than one thousand times.

    In the video, the employee admits to using the N-word.

    “To my surprise finding out that she teaches children that she would use such language like that,” Lennon said.

    At the time, Lennon’s children were also with her.

    “I wanted my children to see that you don’t tolerate this kind of racist rhetoric and bigotry. none of this should be tolerated,” Lennon said.

    Prince George’s County Public Schools is investigating the incident and they say they are working to “address parent & community concerns.”

    “Diversity & tolerance are our core values. we expect all members of the PGCPS community — administrators, faculty, staff & students — to behave in a respectful manner,” a spokesperson said.

    “She needs to apologize to the school system, she needs to apologize to those children. She needs to realize what she did and I don’t think she realizes it,” Lennon said.

    We reached out to the employee featured in the viral video, so far we have not received a response.

    PGCPS said they are taking swift action to investigate this claim and the employee will not be on school grounds while the investigation is underway.

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