Phylicia Barnes' half-sister testifies in murder trial

Phylicia Barnes' half-sister testifies in murder trial

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - At times during Deena Barnes’ testimony, the half-sister of Phylicia Barnes broke down crying on the witness stand.

Deena faced questions from prosecutors and defense attorneys.

Michael Johnson, the man accused of killing Phylicia Barnes, sat just feet away from the woman he dated close to a decade as she described his demeanor and lack of interest once he learned the 16-year-old was missing.

While prosecutors suggest Johnson was obsessed with the honor roll student, defense attorneys poked holes in that theory.

Phylicia Barnes disappeared December 28, 2010 from the apartment Johnson and Deena Barnes shared.

During cross-examination, Johnson’s attorneys were able to show Johnson and Phylicia had been together at the apartment days prior and he never harmed her.

Deena and Johnson had even been discussing plans for Phylicia and Johnson to go Christmas shopping for Deena.

After years of not seeing each other, Phylicia Barnes found her half-sister Deena on facebook.

While the girls have different mothers, they have the same father. Over the next several months Phylicia came to Baltimore to visit her new found family.

Most of the time, Phylicia stayed with Deena while visiting. The honor roll student was exposed to alcohol by her older sister and drinking games that involved nudity. Prosecutors suggest Johnson became obsessed with the teen after a video was made showing Deena and Phylicia partially nude.

At one point, Johnson is seen in the video touching the Phylicia’s breasts.

In court on Thursday, Johnson’s defense team asked Deena about a several pictures taken that showed people playing a drinking game that led to full nudity.

The pictures were taken in the apartment Johnson and Deena lived in prior to the one Phylicia disappeared from. Some of the people Deena was not able to identify.

The defense attempting to suggest it wasn’t uncommon for Deena to party with unknown people.

Testimony also focused on a blue plastic container that turned up missing from the apartment Deena and Johnson shared.

Deena testifying if she could fit then so could Phylicia.

A neighbor recalls seeing Johnson the afternoon Phylicia disappeared shirtless and sweating profusely as he was struggling to lift a blue plastic container up a flight of steps.

The apartment Deena and Johnson shared was a basement apartment. The neighbor allegedly offered to help Johnson but he declined.

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