Police Officers Wanted


BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Across the United States, a shortage of police officers has certain departments exploring new options in an effort to change the current climate.

While the issue at hand doesn’t differ among departments, philosophies on the potential cause can and do.

The Director of the Police Executive Research Forum says, “The Country is facing a looming crisis in the hiring of police officers.”

We spoke with an officer who recently left policing for some insight. The officers says, “Political correctness has gone way too far At this point, no one has any fear of law enforcement. There is nothing out there that scares these people and when I say these people I mean the criminal element”

Dan Hymowitz is the Director of the Mayor’s Office of Innovation in Baltimore. The office has been tapped to study police recruitment in the City.

Hymowitz says, “We’re working right now with the police department on launching a new online application program.”

The almost paperless process will lead to a better experience for applicants and more officers getting hired, according to Hymowitz.

In 2016, one hundred eleven officers were hired. As of late October, that number stood at one hundred fifty nine.

Baltimore Police Major James Handley says, “I think it’s the most noble time in our nation’s history to become a police officer because you can be part of the change you want.”

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