Baltimore Police union president calls on Mosby to reconsider 'malicious prosecution'

    Baltimore Police Officer Caesar Goodson was found not guilty of all charges in the Freddie Gray case on Thursday. (WBFF)

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- The president of a union representing Baltimore Police Officers held a briefing Thursday, after Officer Caesar Goodson was cleared of charges in the Freddie Gray case.

    Lt. Gene Ryan said he was very pleased and "extremely grateful" for Judge Barry William's ruling and called on Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby to drop the cases against the remaining four officers facing trial.

    "While we agree with the verdict in this case against Officer Goodson we also suggest that Mrs. Mosby reconsider her malicious prosecution against the remaining four officers," said Ryan. "We are more than certain that they too will be found to be without guilt. To continue this travesty is an insult to the tax-paying citizens of Baltimore who, at the end of the day, bear the full burden of the enormous costs of these trials that have no merit and continue to divide our city."

    Goodson was facing the most serious charges of the six officers involved with Gray's arrest, including second-degree murder. Brian Rice is the next officer scheduled to stand trial, on July 5.

    "FOP Lodge 3 is fully prepared to continue to represent the four remaining officers in this case for as long as is necessary," said Ryan. "However, we urge Mrs. Mosby to do what is only right and proper by dropping the remaining charges against Lt. Rice, Sgt. White, officers Miller and Porter. The Baltimore State's Attorney's Office has been playing politics with our agency, making it extremely difficult for our members to continue to do their job that our citizens demand of them."

    A spokesperson from Mosby's office declined comment after Officer Nero's acquittal, citing a gag order in the case.

    The National Fraternal Order of Police (NFOP) released its own statement, praising Thursday's outcome;

    Chuck Canterbury, National President of the Fraternal Order of Police, expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the Officer Caesar Goodson Jr. trial in Baltimore today. Canterbury said, 'We knew from the beginning that Officer Goodson was innocent and wrongly charged with these crimes. These outcome of today's trial just proves that Officer Goodson did everything by the book despite the false charges against him.' Canterbury continued, 'It is terrible that in our country today that law enforcement officers doing their job the right way and can still be falsely accused of misconduct and have their lives potentially ruined, even though the facts were there from the very beginning that no misconduct occurred.' Canterbury continued, 'It is time to end this witch hunt that State's Attorney Mosby has been leading. She has disgraced her office and there should be charges of prosecutorial misconduct brought against her immediately,' The men and woman of law enforcement around this country will continue to stand up and protect the people of our great country no matter what. They will continue to do this even though members of the media and our elected officials continue to stay silent and ignore the facts.

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