Rally to ban styrofoam held in Baltimore

Rally to ban styrofoam held in Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - A Baltimore City student group, Baltimore Beyond Plastic, rallied in front of Baltimore City Hall to support a city bill that would prohibit the use of expanded polystyrene food packaging statewide.

Some of those same students then testified inside City Hall at a hearing on the matter. They succeeded at getting foam trays replaced with environmentally-friendly ones at city public schools earlier this year.

Supporters of the proposal tout environmental reasons. One child told the crowd, "Styrofoam is bad for the environment because it never disappears".

Opponents say they cannot support it for economic reasons.

Phil Quick from Jay’s Catering explained to lawmakers considering the ban: "Just for me to use a paper or plastic cup will cost 5 thousand more a year and we can’t absorb that cost."

This is the third time Baltimore City lawmakers have considered the ban.

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