REMEMBERING LIVES LOST | 'How many more people have to die?'

REMEMBERING LIVES LOST | 'How many more people have to die?'

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Antonio Funderburk had a message to those outside the March Funeral Home who did not attend Jan. 1's remembrance vigil.

"What are you going to do about [Det.] Suiter? What are you going to do about when a baby, 3 years old, calls out for [her] father? What do you tell them? You got an answer for that?" Funderburk asked.

Funderburk's brother Charles Hamilton was killed in September and was among the 343 names read, honoring the city's 2017 homicide victims.

"It's not easy, but the process of healing has to start somewhere," said Funderburk. "There has to be a point where we all just have to say 'Enough is enough.' You know, how many more people have to die?"

About three dozen people attended the vigil Monday, held for the third straight year by Mothers of Murdered Sons & Daughters.

"The same officer who came out to my mother's kitchen and worked on my brother's case - Officer Suiter - was taken away. So, that's like double jeopardy," said Funderburk. "We experienced a lot of pain. We love him, too, just as much as he were our family."

Names of Baltimore County and Harford County murder victims were also read aloud Monday.

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