A RARE SIGHT | "Running Man" takes a break as cold snap sets in

    A RARE SIGHT | "Running Man" takes a break as cold snap sets in

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) - He’s a familiar sight in Baltimore and often seen running the streets in the summer. Now, the cold and a rumor have gripped the so-called “Running Man.“

    Keith Boissiere is a familiar figure in Baltimore.

    “One day they see me on the east side, the next day on the west side,“ said Boissiere.

    He is the city’s daily runner. But recently Boissiere’s feet have not been beating the pavement, and the rumor mill began.

    On Thursday, Twitter peaked. People posted about the Running Man. They said he was dead. Others asked how he died. And then, more people expressed their sadness. But the Running Man is not dead.

    “I am alive and well,“ said Boissiere.

    He’s not dead. So why hasn’t he been seen?

    “Too cold. Too cold,” said Boissiere.

    Boissiere hasn’t run since Monday. This week's frigid weather has kept him inside his cozy, warm apartment in west Baltimore.

    “Doctors' orders. I’m not supposed to go in extreme cold or extreme heat, like 95, 100 degrees. I’m not allowed to do that anymore,“ said Boissiere.

    Boissiere likes to run at least 20 miles a day. He’s well-known across the city. His running ritual has gotten him notoriety. FOX45 featured him in a cover story in 2014.

    Now, five years later, the runner is 66 and the rumor is back.

    “When I come back out, tomorrow or definitely on Saturday, they’re going to know I’m not dead,” Boissiere said, laughing.

    The Running Man said he does not have access to the Internet and had no idea about the death rumors. He said he didn’t know about it until he got calls from family members and FOX45.

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