Safety concerns rise after rash of Amtrak train incidents

Safety concerns rise after rash of Amtrak train incidents

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - There's serious concern over the safety of Amtrak trains, after six people were killed, with five accidents within the past month.

Leaders at the National Transportation Safety Board have said Amtrak's safety culture is failing.

Now, a former Amtrak employee is raising the alarm.

Michael Callanan said riders may want to consider putting the brakes on train travel. The former conductor at Amtrak, now a security consultant and a rail expert in Florida, said Amtrak is just not safe.

"There is a whole laundry list. I mean, it's everything from the way the place is operated, from the top down, to the equipment, to the maintenance," said Callanan.

The concern comes after a high-speed Acela train accident near Havre de Grace Tuesday morning.

Amtrak said mechanical issues caused two of the train cars to separate. There were no injuries, but there is another Amtrak investigation.

"My experience with Amtrak, they're always reactive, not proactive, which you should be if you're running a business," said Callanan.

But at Baltimore Penn Station, there are passengers who say they'll continue to ride the rails, despite Callanan's concerns.

"I'm not all that alarmed, because I still feel like train travel is safer than driving a car," said Allyson Redpath, a frequent Acela traveler.

Meanwhile, Jason Abrams, an Amtrak spokesman said through email: "Amtrak is inspecting every Avela trainset, and taking any necessary actions to prevent a reoccurrence."

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