School Officials Respond: Concern over class size

School Officials Respond: Concern over class size

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Baltimore City Schools have responded to a story FOX45 aired last week about a crowded classroom in one area Elementary School.

Shantrice Reaves snapped pictures in her daughter's second grade class at Bernard Harris Elementary School on Friday. Reaves told FOX45 that 55 students had been placed in one classroom, twice as many as the day before.

The photos showed some students sitting on the floor.

A letter was sent home to parents last week, detailing a $198,000 budget cut, which resulted in the students being shifted from their original teacher to a co-teaching model, with two instructors in one room. It explained that students would "be together in one class for some period of the day. They will also transition to different rooms for certain portions of the day for small group instruction."

Reaves' daughter, Alauna Harris told FOX45, "It was hard for us to work because there was a bunch of noise...."

The school system responded Monday saying in part the teacher-student ratio in grade 2, the grade level of this particular child is 1 to 25. The spokesperson also told FOX45, there has never been a class size of 55 students.

One parent still has doubts about how effective this new model will be. Reaves said, "You have some kids who are on different levels and you can't appease all kids because you have this whole big setting where you're trying to squeeze everyone in."

The school system also clarified that statement Monday, saying the second grade classes do combine for about an hour for reading and math. The statement also said, while that larger class size could go up to as many as 50 students, there are two teachers instructing those students.

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