SCHOOL SAFETY IN BALT. CO.: "This child told a girl...he was going to rape her"

SCHOOL SAFETY IN BALT. CO.: "This child told a girl...he was going to rape her"

PARKVILLE, Md. (WBFF) - Robert Hartlove is angry. He spoke to the Baltimore County School members Tuesday night about concerns he has about the safety inside the county schools.

He explained that teachers and students are vulnerable.

He told board members: "These teachers have told me this student has thrown soda cans at their heads, drawn profanity on desks. There is nothing done about it, they are told. This child told a girl walking to the bathroom he was going to rape her."

We requested an on-camera interview with the Baltimore County School System. Instead, we got this response from schools spokesperson Mychael Dickerson:

“The Superintendent and her staff look forward to presenting the information on climate and culture, which will include discipline and suspension data, at the next board meeting on Tuesday, October 24.”

The complaints come on the heels of a now-viral video of the man clinging to the front of a moving Baltimore County School bus.

Sixty-eight-year-old Leverne Doran was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, among other things.

But now, his attorney is calling him a hero.

Doran told police his vehicle was hit by a bottle thrown from the school bus. Doran’s attorney, Steven Silverman, is eager to share his client's side of the story in this well-publicized case.

“A child threw a bottle filled with liquid at their moving car and could have killed them," explained Silverman. “He was protecting not only himself [but] anyone else on the road. He is vilified when he should be a hero. It is very troubling to me".

Baltimore County Police released this information concerning the case:

"Laverne Ardin Doran, 68, was arrested Thursday afternoon, October 5, after a road rage incident involving a Baltimore County School Bus.

Doran climbed onto the front of the school bus after the bus driver refused to let him onto the bus. Doran claimed that his vehicle, which was in the lane next to the bus at the intersection of Putty Hill Avenue and Hoerner Avenue in Parkville, was struck by a bottle thrown by a passenger on the school bus and demanded entry onto the bus. The bus driver, fearing for the safety of the students, proceeded to slowly drive toward the nearest police precinct with the man clinging to the front of the bus, slamming his fist onto the hood of the bus. When the bus stopped for a traffic light Doran got down and again attempted to gain entry onto the bus, breaking a handle off of the doors. An off-duty police officer saw the commotion and intervened.

Doran was arrested at the scene and charged with Disturbing the Peach/Hindering Passage, Disorderly Conduct, Obstructing a School Bus Driver, and Destruction of Property. He was released from commitment on his own recognizance.

The school bus was transporting students from Loch Raven Middle School at the time of the incident. At no time were the students put in danger. The incident was caught on a student's cell phone camera and distributed independently.

The circumstances surrounding this incident continue to be investigated."

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