Several cars destroyed by fallen tree in Baltimore's Gwynn Oak

Several cars destroyed by fallen tree in Baltimore's Gwynn Oak

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Wicked winds and downed trees were a damaging Christmas-Day combination for one Baltimore neighborhood. The strong gust hit an 80-year-old woman especially hard.

It was not the holiday gift that residents on the block expected. Powerful winds knocked down trees and damaged several cars, including a Buick that meant so much to one woman.

It’s Betty McGee’s birthday on this Christmas Day. She turned 80 years old. But after high winds and a fallen tree in front of her home on Belleville Avenue, she doesn’t feel much like celebrating - especially after her first look at the damage on the driver’s side of her 2002 Buick Century.

"Oh my gosh! Oh my Lord! That's all. Oh my gosh," said McGee.

The devastation made her cry.

"This was my husband's car, and he died two years ago,” she said through tears. “Now, I don't have a car."

It was a damaged car, and a broken heart.

"It's all I had left of him. And now, this can't be fixed; there's no way," said McGee.

McGee said the winds began to blow at about 5:30 Christmas morning. She heard the gust, then the crackling. Huge limbs dropped from a tree in her yard. Other big branches fell from a tree across the street.

In all, four cars and a truck were damaged. But for this widow, the Buick mattered most.

"And now, this is all I have, and this is gone. Somebody could have been killed in here," said McGee.

Ms. Mcgee is hoping her husband's car can be salvaged. But if not, she says, she did receive one special gift on this day: no one was hurt.

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