Shooting outside Baltimore methadone clinic raises questions

Shooting outside Baltimore methadone clinic raises questions

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - An incident at BD, a methadone clinic, Monday has raised new controversy around the location of the opioid treatment facility.

On Monday morning, a man was shot in the arm by a special police officer in front of the BD Health clinic.

Baltimore City Police, who are separate from special police, spoke to the media about the incident. They said the officer spotted the man doing a drug deal. When he approached the man in his vehicle, a confrontation ensued, and the officer ultimately shot the man in the arm. He was taken to an area hospital for his injuries.

“This situation, we knew it was going to come. We didn't wish it to come,” said Yeshiyah Israel, president of the Pimlico Merchants Association.

In 2016, neighbors in the area protested the opening of the clinic because of its proximity to a child care center.

"You don't care about the kids. How could you look at this site for a methadone clinic 25 steps away from infants?" said Danita Maryland, owner of ABC Child Development Center, back in 2016.

That same year, Johns Hopkins released a study saying drug treatment centers do not perpetuate violent crime.

The study found a 25 percent increase in violent crime around liquor stores and corner stores as compared to drug treatment centers.

The Baltimore City Health Department told FOX45 that in the first six months of the year, there were 134 homicides and 390 non-fatal shootings in Baltimore City. None of the killings were within 100 feet of a methadone clinic. There was one non-fatal shooting.

In comparison, there were seven homicides within 100 feet of a liquor store, and 13 non-fatal shootings.

There are 435 liquor stores in the city, compared to 26 methadone clinics - about 17 times more liquor stores in the city than clinics.

Baltimore City Police say before the shooting Monday. There were eight other police calls to BD Health this year.

Three were drug-related. One was an assault.

It was not immediately clear which calls were unfounded.

The owner of the clinic to not respond to requests for comment.

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