Should MD bring back the death penalty for some crimes?

Should MD bring back the death penalty for some crimes?

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WBFF) - Maryland's death penalty was abolished almost five years ago, but there's a renewed effort to reinstate it.

FOX45's John Rydell reported from Annapolis, where some legislators say capital punishment could make sense in light of the murders of two Harford County sheriff deputies two years ago and another gunman going on a shooting rampage last fall at an office just a mile away.

It's crimes like this that deserve the death penalty, according to Sen. Robert Cassilly, who represents Harford County.

"The primary goal has to be beyond just rehabilitation...and these are those such cases," he told FOX45.

Cassilly's bill would apply to those who kill law enforcement officers, as well as correctional officers.

"You want to kill a prison guard, what's the worst that can happen to you? Nothing; you'll be in the Division of Corrections serving life without parole sentence," he said.

But longtime opponents of the death penalty plan to fight any effort to have capital punishment reinstated.

"And obviously there are some people who have been victimized in horrible ways....original perpetrator by committing murder," said Sen. Delores Kelley.

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