Mayor Pugh orders Roger B. Taney statue and sign removal in Baltimore

    BALTIMORE, Md. (WBFF) -- Hours after Baltimore's Mayor removed four confederate statues, a steady stream of people stopped and photographed an empty base in Mt. Vernon.

    The site was home since 1887 to a statue of Roger B. Taney.

    Some people made their own signs and left them just feet from where only empty concrete base stands.

    A history teacher stopped to take some pictures.

    A Baltimore County resident says, " It's the first thing I saw on the news today.... People weren't expecting it."

    At City Hall Mayor Pugh fielded questions regarding the cost of the move and whether she had the authority. The Mayor cited public safety as the reason behind the move.

    Pugh says, "I did what's right for my City that was the intent and it's done."

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