Six vehicles set on fire in Bowleys Quarters

Six vehicles set on fire in Bowleys Quarters

BOWLEYS QUARTERS, Md. (WBFF) - People living in Bowleys Quarters are paying extra attention to what's going on outside after several woke up to the flames in the middle of the night yesterday.

Someone set fire to six vehicles, one after the other.

Police believe all the fires are related, since they happened very close together.

Two were even set while police and fire crews were in the neighborhood responding to one of the first fires.

"You could actually see flames coming off it," said Jennifer Dimemmo.

"It was bad," said Shawn Downey. Last night, while a guest was visiting their home, his car was set on fire on Carrollwood Road.

"The police officer happened to say, 'I was just driving by and saw the flames,'" Dimemmo said.

"I guess they waited til the police left them and then they come here," said neighbor Shawn Kaczorowski, whose Cadillac was set on fire across the street an hour or so later.

"Now we've got to worry about fire bugs in the neighborhood," said Charles Lewis. His uncle's Jeep was set on fire right after both of those fires. They live just up the street on Carroll Island Road.

"They set the fire underneath," Kaczorowski said. "Which ended up blowing my tire out, burning all my brake lines, melting my bumper."

In total, five cars and a Suzuki motor bike all burned between 10 p.m. Tuesday and 5 a.m. Wednesday.

"When I looked and saw the light [from the second fire], I saw a couple kids running, but it was so dark," Dimemmo said.

Less than a half a mile separates the different crime scenes, from the Seneca Bay apartments to houses on Carroll Island and Carrollwood roads.

"There was a lot of people in the house and [for the fire] to be that close, it was just over the top," Lewis said, noting it could spread "to the house and there's no home."

Residents say police told them other fires had been set nearby recently.

"They started in the apartments down the street, setting the dumpsters on fire," Kaczorowski said. "Now they're moving on to cars. Next it's going to be houses. I hope they catch 'em real quick."

Some of the victims have insurance; others don't. They're looking at losing thousands of dollars from the fires.

Police are trying to locate surveillance cameras and say special arson investigators are working to track down the suspects.

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