Speeches by Rod Rosenstein, Kweisi Mfume energize NAACP Convention in Baltimore

    Speeches by Rod Rosenstein, Kweisi Mfume energize NAACP Convention in Baltimore

    BALTIMORE (WBFF) - On a day when the Justice Department appears to be in turmoil, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was in Baltimore speaking to thousands of members of the NAACP.

    Nearing the end of the 108th National NAACP Convention, the day began with a warm welcome for Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein.

    “Today we are united in a common goal: equal justice under the law," said Rosenstein.

    It was the speakers who followed who emboldened an already passionate crowd. The Rev. Jesse Jackson brought the crowd to their feet, repeating: “I demand first-class citizenship, because I am a first-class citizen.”

    Several speakers, like the Rev. William Barber, challenged national leaders.

    “From the White House to the Congress to the State House, there are narcissistic egomaniacs holding power, and it’s not just Trump. Not just him,” said Barber, continuing: “Trump is a symptom of a deeper morality, and Trump is not new. It’s as American as apple pie.”

    Former NAACP President and former congressman Kweisi Mfume, of Baltimore, had a standing ovation as he called for unification and systemic change.

    “In slavery, we had full employment,” Mfume said. “Everybody had a job, so, full development is our goal, because in full development, employment is inherent. But in full employment, development is not inherent.”

    Chair of the Roanoke NAACP Shelia Herron said all the speeches have been memorable and powerful.

    "It gives you that energy to go out and talk to people about what NAACP is about," she said.


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