Speed cameras due back in Baltimore despite past problems

Speed and red light cameras are on track to return to Baltimore City.

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- Speed and red light cameras are on track to return to Baltimore City.

Mayor Catherine Pugh outlined expectations and some of the timetable of the renewed program in her FY 2018 budget.

"As people get used to the cameras, they will slow down. They will stop running red lights. So, it's becomes almost regressive. So, it's not something we want to depend on for revenue. We really want to grow our city," the mayor said. "I think it's always been considered a revenue-producing tool, but it's also a tool that helps us to slow down traffic and keep our city streets safer."

Pugh said the initial deployment in May will include 10 fixed cameras, 10 portable cameras, and 10 red light cameras.

"If it works, and it's accurate, and people aren't getting judged wrong, then bring it back," driver Loretta Ervin said Wednesday. "They have the wrong readings, and people get tickets, and they're not accurate."

The previous speed camera program was suspended in April 2013 after an audit revealed at least 10 percent of tickets were issued erroneously. Some drivers were issued speed tickets while stopped at red lights.

"The (new) contractors have been vetted," the mayor said. "We've also had long conversations with other cities in terms of who will be operating these cameras. so we expect them to be accurate."

Pugh's budget estimates the program will generate $7.95 million in FY 2018, beginning July 1. Finance officials say the program will cost about $3 million to operate.

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