'Squeegee kids' arrested for throwing rocks and spraying cleaner in driver's face

Na’Sean Holloway.jpeg

Baltimore City Police arrested two "Squeegee Kids" for spraying window cleaner in a female driver's face and also throwing rocks at her on Christmas Eve morning.

Police have identified the suspects as Na’Sean Holloway, 18, and another 16-year-old male.

At around 11:05 a.m., a woman driver reported being assaulted on S. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, according to a police report.

The police report states that the woman gestured for the Squeegee kid to move on, since she didn’t want him to wash her windshield, but then he came back to try and wash it again.

According to the police report, the woman allegedly rolled down her window to tell him to refuse again and then the teen sprayed her in the face with Windex.

Then the driver pulled to the side of the road and called 911, while another boy threw rocks at her car.

Holloway has been charged with second-degree assault.

The 16-year-old Squeegee kid was taken to Juvenile Booking.

The report says the driver was not injured.

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