Stutter Stopped| Teen Calls Device a "Miracle"

Stutter Stopped| Teen Calls Device a "Miracle"

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Millions of people spend a lifetime struggling with stuttering but some stutterer's are beginning to find their voice again.

About five percent of children will deal with stuttering and while there is no cure, there is reason for hope.

It didn't matter how hard he worked for thirteen years. Logan Hamel's words didn't quite come as easy as everyone else.

His mother Kerry said, "It was heartbreaking it was heartbreaking. He didn't want to talk in public...he was scared when other kids were around..."

After years of therapy, this week, Logan's parents turned to another form of treatment; a device called the Speech Easy which fits in the ear and allows users to hear their voice at a slight delay.

Logan said, "This thing could help me in school. This could help me talk to people!"

But at Mercy Hospital, speech pathologist Stephanie Pelligrini warns the device cannot be viewed as a cure.

Pelligrini said, "It's not really a cure for stuttering because if the device is removed there's not really any evidence that the person would not go back to simply stuttering."

Logan Hamel plans to continue with traditional therapy....and continue wearing the device which he calls a miracle.

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