Suspects arrested for shooting at Target in Owings Mills

    Target Shooting (File: March 2018)

    BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Baltimore County police say they have closed their investigation into a shooting at a Target store, five arrests have been made.

    Police announced Monday that five suspects have been indicted in the shooting at an Owings Mills Target store in March following a lengthy investigation.

    Detectives from Precinct 3 - Franklin Investigative Services Team have determined that the incident stemmed from an intended robbery following a planned meet for a sale set up on the "OfferUp" app.

    One suspect, identified as Travonne Smith, listed an item for sale on "OfferUp" and planned to meet with another suspect, Elexis Turner, at Target for the sale. Travonne Smith brought suspect Kaneil Vaughn with him for the meeting. Elexis Turner conspired with her boyfriend, suspect Deion Petty, and another suspect, Ronald Williams, to rob Travonne Smith of the merchandise.

    Smith sat with Turner at a table in the Target Cafe while she inspected the item for sale. She distracted him while Petty approached and grabbed Smith from behind. Vaughn saw what was happening and fired a gun, striking a wall behind Smith and Petty. Williams, who was monitoring the situation from another area of the store, responded and with Petty began to punch and kick Smith. Vaughn fled the Target store.

    Shooting suspects Target.png

    Turner took Smith's cell phone and the item he was selling and fled with Petty and Williams. Smith also fled following the incident.

    Detectives first identified the person in the security video with the glasses as Travonne Jamal Smith. During initial interviews police say he deliberately identified the shooter as someone other than Kaneil Vaughn. Smith is accordingly charged with Obstructing and Hindering and Making a False Statement to an Officer. He has since posted bond.

    The shooter, who arrived at Target with Smith, was identified as 19-year-old Kaneil Krashawn Vaughn. He is charged with multiple counts of Attempted First Degree Murder and First Degree Assault along with a number of firearms related charges. He remains held without bail in the Baltimore County Bureau of Corrections.

    The three suspects who conspired to rob Smith have all been charged with Robbery, Second Degree Assault, Misdemeanor Theft, and Conspiracy to Commit Robbery. They are identified as follows:

    Deion Larmont Petty (23) who has been remanded to the Baltimore County Bureau of Corrections, held without bail.

    Elexis Milahn Turner (21) who has been released on bond.

    Ronald Anthony Williams (26) who is also remanded to the Baltimore County Bureau of Corrections, held without bail.

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