Swastika drawn into snow on Howard High School's field hockey field in Ellicott City

    Swastika drawn into snow on Howard High School's field hockey field in Ellicott City

    HOWARD COUNTY, MD (WBFF) - Howard County Police and county public school officials are asking a suspect to come forward after a large swastika and genitals were drawn into the snow at the Howard High School's field hockey field last weekend.

    According to a letter sent out to the community, after staff found the drawing, they contacted school grounds department to have it removed. The incident was then reported to Howard County Police.

    The student body was addressed on Tuesday afternoon. Howard County Public Schools says, "This hateful act goes against the values we share at Howard High School and will not be tolerated. All acts of hateful language are taken seriously and please know that this will be fully investigated in cooperation with the H.C.P.D. and the H.C.P.S.S. Office of Safety and Security."

    Anyone with information about the suspect responsible is asked to call 410-313-2867 or nnovak@hcpss.org. Howard County Public Schools says that its staff is available to speak with any student who may have concerns as a result of this incident.

    Howard County Executive Calvin Ball released a statement on the incident. He says, "I was very saddened and disappointed to hear about the incident which took place at Howard High School over the weekend. We cannot and will not tolerate symbols of hate in our county. Howard County should be a community of diversity, inclusion, and respect. We cannot allow hateful acts to intimidate and divide us."

    I am confident that HCPSS and the Howard County Police Department will find out who was involved with this incident. If anyone has information about the individual(s) responsible for this incident, please reach out to Howard High School Principal Nick Novak at 410-313-2867 or nnovak@hcpss.org."

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