'Swatting' pranks prove deadly nationwide

'Swatting' pranks prove deadly nationwide

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. (WBFF) - A deadly swatting prank provokes debate over blame after police open fire in Wichita, Kansas, killing a man.

Swatting is when a person calls 911, making a false claim in an attempt to get swat crews to respond to another person’s home or office.

An Ellicott City swatting case from 2015 is still being litigated.

Tyran Dobbs was at home in his Ellicott City apartment when a police received a call indicating Dobbs had hostages he planned to execute if police didn’t deliver $15,000.00 cash.

When police responded, they didn’t know it was a prank. Federal court documents indicate Dobbs was shot in the head and chest by rubber bullets.

Dobbs' injuries were so severe he had to be hospitalized.

In November 2017, Zachary Lee of Catonsville pleaded guilty to two counts of providing false information.

Parents of both swatting victims question the actions of officers. In Wichita, police say they believed Andrew Finch was reaching for a gun when they fired.

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