Sykesville hit by serious storm damage

Sykesville hit by serious storm damage

SYKESVILLE, Md. (WBFF) - A Carroll County neighborhood was one of the areas hit hard by Monday’s fast-moving storm.

In Sykesville, people who live on College Avenue said it was quick and wicked.

“Within seconds, as I was looking out the back sliding window, that thing came around the corner and just laid everything down,“ said Dave Frederick.

It was an afternoon storm that blew through with heavy rain and severe wind. Richard Doxzen was inside his home with his wife Norma, when suddenly dark clouds rolled over.

Then, a strong wind knocked off the top of the tree in the front yard. Huge limbs crushed Doxzen’s new SUV. It was hit by a bouncing blow.

“To me, it was a tornado, small tornado, seemed to be a vortex. It kind of bounced. It bounced up the hill, bounced over, hit the tree,“ said Doxzen. “In fact, the wind was so loud that I couldn’t hear the limb hit the car. And then it seems like it went up and down over there somewhere,“ he added.

It jumped just a few doors down to Mallor Avenue where it knocked down more trees and damaged more cars. There was significant property loss but the Sykesville Fire Department reported no injuries.

“The fire department went around and they were making sure that nobody in the neighborhood was hurt and nobody was trapped in a vehicle or anything,“ said Norma Doxzen.

“It happened within 5 to 7 seconds and it was done. It was just so fast,“ said Frederick.

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