VAPING MARIJUANA | 'Schools have already suspended kids for it'

VAPING MARIJUANA | 'Schools have already suspended kids for it'

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - There's an alert now for parents of teenagers who may have found a way to get high without the smell.

Even the device they use might surprise you.

Crime & Justice reporter Joy Lepola says a local private-school principal sent a letter to parents reading: "Some girls are now experimenting with drinking, smoking and vaping."

Parents are just learning about the word "vaping."

Mike Gimbel, who speaks at schools about drugs and the potential dangers, says kids are now vaping marijuana.

"Schools have already suspended kids for it," said Gimbel.

The device is easy enough to get. It's not very expensive and it's discreet.

THC is the chemical compound in marijuana that creates a high.

Teens have found a relatively easy way to get the THC out of the plant form and into a liquid.

"That's what parents need to know: it doesn't smell like traditional marijuana and you can have it in edibles, and you can have it in vaping, in a liquid," he said.

Cartridges are emptied out and refilled with THC oil.

Gimbel says some teens are already burning out on it.

"We have teens in high school who are literally burning out from pot - I mean, their grades are dropping, their attitudes are changing, things have just bottomed out in months," he said.

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