VID | Officer-involved shooting in downtown Baltimore Saturday

VID | Officer-involved shooting in downtown Baltimore Saturday

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Baltimore police released surveillance video and body-camera footage Monday of an officer-involved shooting in the downtown/Mt. Vernon area early Saturday.

The video shows clear close-ups of a group of five suspects getting guns from a vehicle, said police spokesperson T.J. Smith in a press conference.

After three of them received the guns, they are seen continuing to walk in the area of Park Avenue and Clay Street until a police car pulls up.

Three of the suspects then take off running. The officer is seen ultimately shooting one of them, yelling "Get away from the gun."

The gun is seen continuing to lie within reach of the injured suspect - "basically in his hand," said Smith.

Police arrested Brian Campbell, 20, of Wickersham Way in Cockeysville, and Omari Hart, 20, of Brambleton Road in the Mt. Washington area.

Although the case is "not considered a violent crime... we saw the capability," noted Smith.

"Our focus [is] on violent individuals who carry guns and harm people in the city of Baltimore," he said. "This crew of people likely weren't just going to target practice or a range."

He said officers likely saved someone from being the victim of a shooting or robbery.

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